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Human & Animal Tissue Genomic DNA

Zyagen offers a pure and intact high molecular size genomic DNA extracted from large variety of tissues of human and many animal species. Genomic DNA is extracted from single tissue of single donor and treated with DNase-free RNase to remove contaminant RNA.  Genomic DNA is measured by Nanodrop (a spectrophotometer technology, not by fluorometer/Qubit) and provided in 1.5-ml tubes at a concentration of 0.5mg/ml or 1mg/ml in TE buffer.


  • PCR Amplification
  • Southern blot analysi
  • Genomic DNA methylation
  • Single-nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) Analysis
  • Profiling studies in gene expression
  • DNA library construction

Quality Control:

  • The integrity and purity of genomic DNA was tested by agarose gel electrophoresis and spectrophotometer
  • Ratio of A260/280 is >1.8
  • Free of RNA contamination
  • Successful PCR amplification of Beta-Actin
  • Successful digestion of DNA by EcoR1 and/or Hind III enzyme.