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Gel image of 5 tissues total RNA of different species before (left) and after (Right) MicroRNA enrichment. Click on image for Enlargement

Zyagen offers high highly enriched microRNA of wide variety of mouse, rat, dog, human, and Cynomolgus monkey tissues. These small RNAs include regulatory RNA molecules such as microRNA (miRNA) and short interfering RNA (siRNA), as well as tRNA and 5S rRNA. Rigorous quality control tests are performed to confirm that each preparation contains intact microRNA with virtually no large RNA contamination.

Applications: MicroRNA is ideal for quantitative analysis of small RNA by real time PCR, RT-PCR analysis, bioanalyzer, Northern Blot analysis, RNase protections assay, primer extension, and expression standard in microarray applications.

Custom Services: Zyagen also offers custom services for enrichment of microRNA of any tissue of mouse and rat as well as of any other species. Contact technical service at for more information.