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Mouse CD1 Developmental Tissue NB

Mouse developmental tissue Northern blots are made of high quality total RNA of CD1 (ICR) mouse developmental tissues.RNA samples are extracted from several tissues of mice at different stages of life and subjected to rigorous quality control procedures.
 Blots can be used with either radioactive or nonisotopic-labeled probes to:
  • Quickly assess gene expression across CD1 mouse tissues at different stages of development.
  • Determine size and relative abundance of transcripts in developmental tissues.
  • Identify alternative splice forms.
  • Ready-to-hybridize Northern blots of total RNA of  tissues that are difficult  to obtain because of size, high RNase content,  and anatomical complexity which requires knowledge, experience, and technical skill to exactly dissect the area of interest freely of surrounding tissues.
  • Saving labor by eliminating tedious and time-consuming laboratory procedures (harvesting and homogenization of tissues, RNA extraction, RNA quantification, gel electrophoresis, and blotting).
  • High standards of quality control
  • Economic, using multiple tissues at a cost much lower than it would take to do in your laboratory. Think to the labor and cost of laboratory materials, supplies and  animals (purchasing, transportation, housing, disposable of carcasses and waste materials).
  • Reusable for several times, just strip probe and re-hybridize with new one.
Quality control:
Every step of preparation of blots, from harvesting tissues and extraction of RNA to the blotting, is carefully monitored to ensure the superior quality and performance.
  • Blots are made of total RNA that is treated with RNase-free DNase to remove residual DNA. The purity and integrity of RNA are tested by denaturing agarose gel electrophoresis.
  • The efficiency of transfer is checked by staining gels with reversible staining .
  • The integrity of the blotted RNA is tested by beta-actin specific probe.
Description: The freshly isolated mouse CD1 tissue total RNA samples (20ug each) are fractionated though large formaldehyde-denatured agarose gel eletrophoresis, blotted onto a positively charged nylon membranes, and immobilized by UV light. Blots are shipped in a sealed bag at room temperature and are good for 1 year if stored at 4oC in the sealed bags.
Custom Services: If you are interested in Northern blot of any developmental mouse tissue or required blot to be specifically prepared to meet your application, our scientists can make it for you.  For more information, contact technical support at or at 858 546 0720.
Mouse CD1 (ICR) Developmental Tissue Northern Blots
Brain Develop Northern Blot
Heart Develop Northern Blot
S Muscles Develop Northern Blot
Intestine Develop Northern Blot
Ovary Develop Northern Blot
Testis Develop Northern Blot
Mammary Develop Northern Blot
Cat.#: MN-201-D
Cat.#: MN-102-D
Cat.#: MN-406-D
Cat.#: MN-414-D
RNA Marker
 RNA Maker
  RNA Marker
 RNA Maker
RNA Marker
 RNA Maker
RNA Marker
2 Weeks old
2 Weeks old
1 Day old 1 Day old 1 Day old 1 Day old
3 Weeks old
3 Weeks old
1 Week old 1 Week old 1 Week old 1 Week old
1 Month old
1 Month old
2 Weeks old 2 Weeks old
 2 Weeks old
2 Weeks old 2 Month old 2 Month old
3 Weeks old 3 Weeks old 3 Weeks old 3 Weeks old
3 Months old
3 Months old
1 Month old 1 Month old
1 Month old
1 Month old
6 Month old
6 Month old
2 Months old 2 Months old 2 Months old 2 Months old
12 Months old
12 Months old
Day1 of Lactation
3 Months old 3 Months old 3 Months old 3 Months old
Day3 of Lactation
6 Months old
6 Months old 6 Months old 6 Months old
Day7 of Lactation
12 Months old 12 Months old 12 Months old 12 Months old
Day1 of Involution
Day7 of Involution



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