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Immunofluorescence Kits

Each kit is sufficient for immunostaining 500 slides. For Manual, Click on PDF File  

Zyagen offers highly optimized immunofluorescence kits to detect cell surface and intracellular antigens in frozen or paraffin-embedded tissue sections mounted on slides, floating sections in culture plates, and immobilized cells with high sensitivity and low background. FITC is used to visualize the antigenic structures in the tissues


  • High specificity and sensitivity
  • Low background
  • Standardization with high reproducible results
  • Low cost

Each kit contains serum blocking buffer, antibody diluent, biotinylated secondary antibody (cross-absorbed and purified), streptavidin-FITC conjugate, hematoxylin, and mounting medium.

Kits are easy to use, provided with instructions for each step from preparation of tissue sections to mounting slides with coverslips. In addition to the immunostaining procedure, the user manual also contains detailed technical information about processing frozen and paraffin tissue sections for immunostaining, antigen retrieval, and trouble-shootings.

Zyagen immunofluorescence kits are designed to be used with either human, rabbit, mouse, rat, sheep, goat, or chicken primary antibody.

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