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Cat Tissue CDNA

Gel images of PCR amplification of cDNA samples of different tissues of different species using Beta-Actin Primers. NC: Negative Control; cDNA was made without RT enzyme. Click on Each Image for Enlargement

Zyagen offers full-length first strand cDNA of large variety of cat tissues freshly harvested by veterinarian during surgical operation or from animals donated for scientific research with the owner consent. The ready-to use cDNA is synthesized from high quality RNA which is subjected to rigorous quality control procedures to ensure the highest quality by priming with oligo dT primer using reverse transcriptase enable full length cDNA synthesis.

Tissue cDNA is ideal for gene discovery and expression analysis applications, characterization of alternative splicing of mRNA, verification of genetic mutation, gene cloning and target sequencing.

As quality control test, each cDNA sample is tested by PCR amplification of a house-keeping gene. Each product is shipped in 1.5 ml-tube and is enough for 30 PCR reactions.

Custom cDNA Synthesis Services: Zyagen also offers custom service to synthesize full-length first strand cDNA of any mouse, rat, dog, human, rabbit, guinea pig, hamster, equine, bovine, sheep, chicken, monkey, pig, minipig and plant tissues. Contact customer services/technical support for more information.

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