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SD Rat Embryo CDNA-Oligo-dT

Zyagen offers high quality full-length  first strand cDNA of rat whole embryos at different stages of pregnancy. The precisely timed pregnant rats are obtained from major animal vendors. The pregnancy is determined by observation of vaginal plug. Plug date is considered  day one of gestation.  The ready-to use cDNA is synthesized from high quality whole embryo total RNA which is subjected to rigorous quality control procedures to ensure the highest quality. The cDNA is primed with oligo dT primer using reverse transcriptase enable full length cDNA synthesis and is ideal for gene discovery and expression analysis applications.

As quality control test, each cDNA sample is tested by PCR amplification of beta-actin. Each product is shipped in 1.5 ml tube and is enough for 30 PCR reactions.

Custom cDNA Synthesis Services: Zyagen also offers custom service to synthesize ready to use cDNA of any mouse, rat, dog, human, rabbit, guinea pig, hamster, equine, bovine, sheep, chicken, monkey, pig, and plant tissues available at Zyagen. Contact customer services/technical support for more information.

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