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Rat Universal Reference CDNA

Rat Universal Reference cDNA is a full length first strand cDNA synthesized from Zyagen universal reference total RNA which is isolated from all tissues of several adult male and female Sprague Dawley rats using modified guanidine thiocyanate techniques.
The cDNA is primed with Oligo dT or Random Hexamer primer and can be used in gene cloning, target sequencing and as a control for gene expression analysis by regular PCR and real time PCR. Each cDNA product is enough for 40 PCR reactions.
  • Synthesized from high quality intact universal reference total RNA
  • Consistent control for standard data set comparisons
  • Prepared from all rat tissues for broad gene coverage
  • Made aindustrial scales to minimize lot-to-lot variation.

Quality Control: The integrity of each RNA sample used for cDNA synthesis is verified by denatured agarose gel electrophoresis. The purity of RNA is assessed by spectrophotometer (A260/A280: 1.9-2.1). Residual DNA contamination is tested by PCR.

The synthesized cDNA is also used as template for PCR amplification of ß-actin gene. PCR product of ß-actin was visualized on 1% agarose gel.

Applications: cDNA is ideal for gene expression analysis by PCR, characterization of alternative splicing of mRNA, verification of genetic mutation, gene cloning and target sequencing.

Packing/shipping: each universal reference cDNA sample is routinely shipped on dry ice in 1.5 ml vials and is enough for 40 reactions (40 PCR amplifications).

MSDS and Certificate of Analysis in PDF files: Contact Zyagen Technical Support at


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