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Bovine Tissue Genomic DNA

Zyagen offers a pure and intact high molecular size genomic DNA extracted from large variety of bovine (cattle) tissues. Genomic DNA is extracted from single tissue of single donor and treated with DNase-free RNase to remove contaminant RNA.  Genomic DNA is provided in 1.5-ml tubes (0.1mg/tube) at a concentration of 0.5mg/ml or 1mg/ml in TE buffer.


  • PCR Amplification
  • Southern blot analysi
  • Genomic DNA methylation
  • Single-nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) Analysis
  • Profiling studies in gene expression
  • DNA library construction

Quality Control:

  • The integrity and purity of genomic DNA was tested by agarose gel electrophoresis and spectrophotometer
  • Ratio of A260/280 is >1.8
  • Free of RNA contamination
  • Successful PCR amplification of Beta-Actin
  • Successful digestion of DNA by EcoR1 and/or Hind III enzyme.

Custom Service:

If  tissue of your interest is not listed below, please contact Zyagen technical support at for the availability or possibility of making DNA sample for you as a custom service.

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