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Rat Embryo Total Protein Panel, Set of 9 Embryos

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Rat Embryo Total Protein Panel, Set of 9 Embryos



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Product Description

Rat embryo total protein (protein lysate) panel is your choice of any 9 whole embroys (0.1mg each).?Tissues are homogenized in protein lysis buffer supplemented with a cocktail of 7 mammalian protease inhibitors to minimize proteolysis, precisely quantified, and stored at -80oC.

Quality Control:?Quality of protein as indicated by the absence of smear (no degradation) and sharpness and resolution of the protein bands is verified by denatured SDS-PAGE using Coomassie blue staining. The integrity of protein is tested by immunoblotting using specific beta-actin antibody.

Applications:?Total protein is ready for immediate use in Western blotting, immunoprecipitation, SDS-PAGE, isoelectric focusing gels and SDS-capillary electrophoresis, enzymatic activity analysis, gel shifting assay, protein-protein interaction, and tissue specific expression.

Packing/shipping: The extracted protein is provided in vials at a concentration of 5mg/ml and shipped on dry ice. Protein can also be provided in denatured SDS Sample buffer for only Western blotting use

MSDS and Certificate of Analysis in PDF files:?Contact Zyagen Technical Support at?